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Zero-Degree Murder - Paperback - 5x8 Cov
"Zero-Degree Murder" is the first in the Search and Rescue mystery series featuring Gracie Kinkaid.
For Search and Rescue expert, Gracie Kinkaid, missing out on holiday festivities is nothing new. After all, disasters don’t stop happening because of a cooked turkey.  So when Gracie is called out on Thanksgiving Day for four hikers missing in the wilderness of southern California, she packs up her gear and heads out to find them.

The mission quickly goes from routine to deadly.  An early-season blizzard sets in. The one missing person the team finds, famous actor Rob Christian, was injured and only vaguely remembers being attacked by someone else on the trail, someone he thinks was trying to kill him. When Gracie’s partner leaves to get backup, he takes the radio with him. When he doesn't return, Gracie's only link to the outside world is lost. 

Now stranded and the snow growing deeper by the minute, Gracie will have to use all her expertise to keep Rob--and herself--alive. But with an unknown killer lurking somewhere nearby, even that might not be enough to save them.

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