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Readers Group Discussion Questions 





  1. What do you think this book is about--what are some of the major themes?

  2. To what extent does setting figure into the plot? What else drives the plot?

  3. What positive attributes does Eddie possess? What positive attributes does Jay possess? In what ways were you sympathetic to their characters?

  4. What new things did you learn from this book? What types of things might you do or not do differently as a result?

  5. How would you characterize Gracie’s relationship with Ralph? With Serene? With Rob?

  6. If you've read "Zero-Degree Murder," what changes to you see in Gracie's personality and why? 

  7. What constitutes bravery to you? In what ways or situations is Gracie brave? In what ways or situations is Gracie not brave?

  8. Did you find the ending satisfying? Why or why not?

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