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Murder Off the Beaten Path - Cover 5x8 O


"Murder Off the Beaten Path" is the second book in the Search and Rescue mystery series featuring Gracie Kinkaid. It won First Place in the Adventure Category in the 2015 Murder and Mayhem Awards.


As a member of a mountain search and rescue team, Gracie Kinkaid routinely risks her own life to save others. But it’s at

her new job at a residential camp in the mountains of southern California where she discovers someone is actively trying to kill her. 


As a volunteer for Timber Creek Search and Rescue, Gracie responds to a call-out for a vehicle “over the side” of a treacherous mountain road. The crash, which Gracie quickly suspects is no accident, proves to be one in an escalating and deadly series of events which leads her right back to Camp Ponderosa, a church-owned camp where she works as the Youth Programs Director.


As Gracie probes more deeply into the dark secrets at the camp, she unearths a hidden world of illegal activities, including murder…and finds herself going head- to-head with desperate perpetrators who will do anything to silence her forever.



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