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​Still in shock…

            Rob sat immobile, face oyster white, eyes shadowed in their sockets and staring off into space.
            He turned his head slowly and looked up at her.
            “What’s going on?”
            “Something happened.”
            Gracie sat down next to him. “What happened?”
            “There was a fight.”
            “A fight? When?”
            “More than a fight.”
            “When was this?”
            “Up there. On the trail. I can’t quite…Someone…” He massaged his forehead with his fingertips. “I remember...trying to get away.”
            “To get away from someone? From who? Do you remember?”
            “It’s all a fog. I remember a lot of ...” He stopped, frowning.
            “A lot of what?”
            He looked straight into Gracie’s eyes. “Blood.”
            Goosebumps walked ghostly fingers up Gracie’s arms and made all the hair stand on end. “Blood.”
            He nodded. “I remember a woman screaming,” he said, his eyes never leaving Gracie’s. “I think I saw someone die. And I think someone tried to kill me.”

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